It might come as a surprise, but not all kids across America have access to books. To help overcome this, PBS39 is partnering with PBS Kids and to bring books and reading materials to kids in need.

How can you help? The solution is simple: Shop.

Now through August 15, 2015, proceeds from your purchases at the Kid Zone at will help support this mission. You get great deals, maybe do a little early holiday shopping and in return, you're helping give kids across the nation who otherwise wouldn't have access to books the chance to read, learn and grow.

Tell your friends too: Share this specific link ( or tell them about this page on our website. The more money we all raise, the more books go to kids who need them and want them.

Upcoming Events

  • Summer Reading Prize Week

    Location: PBS39 Fort Wayne

    Read 10 books this summer and fill out your PBS KIDS Summer Reading chart. During the first week of August (8/3-8/7), bring your completed reading chart to one of the designated locations to pick up your prize. Prizes include Putt-Putt coupons, books,…